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Deed Of Variation

This allows the beneficiaries of a Will, after death, to vary the details of the Will. This ensures that the deceased estate is distributed in accordance with the beneficiaries’ wishes – for example when a child may choose to pass their inheritance directly to a grandchild rather than taking it themselves – perhaps to avoid an inheritance liability.

Our fee for this service is £1895.


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To support causes close to our hearts, 5 years ago we decided that we would no longer charge for writing Wills, instead asking clients to make a recommended donation of £40 to charity. We were so confident that people would be happy with our Will-Writing service that we believed they would come back in the future for other legal services, at which point we could charge our usual fees. This has proved true, and over 63% of clients do come back for further advice.

We are proud to have raised over £2,000.000 in upfront donations, supporting fantastic causes up and down the country.

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