A Will is not for you. It's for your child.

If you were to die suddenly, who will look after your children?

  • Your children are your most valuable asset.
  • 60% of people in the UK don’t have an up to date Will in place, leaving families in turmoil.
  • Over 120,000 families so far have entrusted us to write their Wills.
  • Having a Will in place can save heartache for your loved ones at a difficult time.
  • Wills are insurance policies if the unfortunate happens, saving heartache for your loved ones at a difficult time

What if...

Both you and your partner pass away – who will have guardianship over the children? 

In general, both in-laws would want the kids, causing family dispute. However, most likely, social services will determine who receive the guardianship of the child.

Having a Will with a Guardianship Clause can stop this by stating where you want your children and assets to go in the event of parents’ death.

For just £75 we will write your Will for you.

This offer saves on average £150 on solicitors fees.

A Will is not for you, it's for your child

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