Latest CAAT Donation update!

We here at Wills & Legal Services are immensely proud to be able to update you with our latest donation figures as of 29th August 2019 for one the County Air Ambulance Trust HELP Appeal is a staggering £845,353 That is nearly £850,000 and we stand to break into the £1 million bracket very soon.

We really couldn’t do this without you, our fantastic amazing customers and for your donations, we are so grateful for your generosity. The money we have raised has been put towards some fantastic causes and has really made a difference in saving lives!

As we head through September 2019 and beyond we will keep you posted on our progress towards £1,000,000 raised.

Your Trusted Partner

To support causes close to our hearts, 5 years ago we decided that we would no longer charge for writing Wills, instead asking clients to make a recommended donation of £40 to charity. We were so confident that people would be happy with our Will-Writing service that we believed they would come back in the future for other legal services, at which point we could charge our usual fees. This has proved true, and over 63% of clients do come back for further advice.

We are proud to have raised over £2,000.000 in upfront donations, supporting fantastic causes up and down the country.

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