Charity Wills

Charity Wills

National Charity Wills Donation

Wills & Legal Services are proud to offer a National Charity Wills Campaign to raise money for local and national charities through writing Wills in exchange for a donation to one of our chosen charity partners.

So far we have raised over £1 million!

The range of charities that we support currently, or have supported in the past, are shown below. The recommended donation in exchange for your Will is £40 – £50 per person, although this is completely optional and you can donate as much or as little as you like. Whatever you choose to give, 100% of the donation will go directly to the applicable charity.

The benefits to the charity are huge, helping them to continue their much needed work. Meanwhile our clients also benefit, receiving the same expert Estate Planning advice from our paralegals that they normally would, but for a much reduced cost.

The WLS Charity Wills Campaign

The WLS Charity Wills campaign has raised over £1 million for local and national charities plus over £2.5 million in legacies, with our specialist Paralegals writing Wills free of charge in exchange for a donation to one of our chosen charities.

The charities we are proud to support are:

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