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Add Executors
The Executors are the persons responsible for winding up the affairs of the deceased and carrying out any estate administration or probate through the Will. We recommend that you choose at least 2 Executors.
Executor A - Minimum Age 18 Years old
Executor B - Minimum Age 18 Years old
Executor C - Minimum Age 18 Years old
Executor D - Minimum Age 18 Years old
Executor E - Minimum Age 18 Years old
Legacies & Bequests
Legacies and Bequests are gifts within the Will, usually to people or charities, of specific amounts of money or objects. If you are looking to gift a numbers of objects of sentimental value, or have an idea of what you want to happen to your belongings or pets these can be listed in a separate letter, known as a Memorandum of Wishes. This is kept with your Will and is used as guidance by your Executors.
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The residue is the remainder of your estate after debts and gifts within the Will have been met.
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