The Wills and Legal Services Charity Wills Campaign

All funds received from writing Wills are donated to our charity partners.

Will writing service Liverpool

Wills & Legal Services are offering an excellent and unique Will Writing service to people living in Liverpool.

More than half of UK adults don’t have a Will. If this includes you – it is most likely the expensive solicitors fees that are putting you off. Or it could be the daunting thought of considering what happens to your assets, and what your loved ones will have to go through, when you are gone that has prevented you from making a Will. 

Many people also think that a putting Will in place is far too complicated to sort out. Well, for people in the Liverpool area we can remove the burden by offering a Will professionally written by an expert local Paralegal at a fraction of what solicitors charge

All we ask is you make a recommended donation of £40 to our chosen charity partner, The County Air ambulance Trust, and we’ll make a Will for you. 

This campaign has raised over £1.5m so far and we’re keen to get to £2m for a cause which receives no funding from the government. 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

Make a Will. Save Lives.

We are proud to support the County Air Ambulance HELP appeal.​

The recommended donation in exchange for your Will is £40 per person, although this is completely optional and you can donate as much or as little as you would afford. Regardless of the donation amount, 100% of the funds will go directly to the charity.

The donations benefit the charity by helping them continue their much-needed work. Meanwhile, our clients also benefit by receiving expert Estate Planning advice from our paralegals for a much-reduced cost.

Our charity will scheme has raised over £1,200,000 for the cause so far.
Help us reach £2,000,000.

How It Works

Step One

Simply submit your details using our online contact form, or call us on 01885 490380 to speak to us.

Step Two

One of our customer advisors will call you within 24-48 hours to arrange an appointment with our local Liverpool based Paralegals.

Step Three

The Liverpool based Paralegal can visit you at the comfort of your home to take your Will instructions.

Your instructions are then sent to our legal department for drafting, which you will receive within 28 days.

Step Four

Once you’ve approved your draft Will, the original one will be sent for signing. Your Will is then in place, thus ensuring that your assets are legally protected.

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