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Will writing service Surrey

Wills & Legal Services are offering an excellent and unique Will Writing service to people living in Surrey. 

More than half of UK adults don’t have a Will. If this includes you – it is most likely the expensive solicitors fees that are putting you off. Or it could be the daunting thought of considering what happens to your assets, and what your loved ones will have to go through, when you are gone that has prevented you from making a Will. 

Many people also think that a putting Will in place is far too complicated to sort out. Well, for people in the Surrey area we can remove the burden by offering a Will professionally written by an expert local Paralegal at a fraction of what solicitors charge

All we ask is you make a recommended donation of £40 to our chosen charity partner, The County Air ambulance Trust, and we’ll make a Will for you. 

This campaign has raised over £1.5m so far and we’re keen to get to £2m for a cause which receives no funding from the government. 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

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So, what’s the catch?

We specialise in all areas of later life planning and legal services and it all starts with writing a Will, making your wishes clear and making things easier for your loved ones when you are gone. We are so confident that you will be impressed with our Will Writing service that you’ll come back to us in the future for other specialist estate planning advice. Around 63% of people in Surrey come back in the future, and at that point, we charge our usual fees. If we never see you again, that’s fine, you’ll have a professionally written Will and the charity will have benefitted from your generous donation.
We do not insist on being an executor like many other firms, instead recommending you choose close family members or friends.

Many people wrongly believe that they don’t need a Will. They think their assets will automatically pass to their partner or children. Without a Will, this is not always the case. Even if your estate and family situation is straightforward, without a Will in place the process of passing the inheritance on can far more complicated and expensive.

A Will is the only way you can ensure your assets go to those you intend.

A professionally-written Will:

  1. Ensures your assets are protected – it is the ONLY way to ensure they go to those you intend.
  2. Protects your children – without appointing Guardians, their future is uncertain.
  3. Makes things easier for your family – saving them worry and stress at such a difficult time.

Obtaining your Will is easy. With just a few simple steps you could be on your way to great peace of mind and for you and your family with the help of our local Paralegal.

Our local Surrey based Paralegals are legal professionals who specialise in specific areas of law. Their expertise is in Will-Writing and later life planning covering Mental Incapacity, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Probate and Care Fee Advice. All our Paralegals are highly qualified and able to explain all our services to you in plain English – without any unnecessary legal jargon.
All of our Paralegals are covered by £2m professional indemnity insurance and are also DBS checked (previously CRB) and visit people in the comfort of their own home to give them sound professional legal advice that you wouldn’t normally get by writing a Will Online. We believe having a local professional, empathetic person come to see you if far better than a faceless computer.

All of our Paralegals regularly undertake Continuous Professional Development training ensuring they are up to date with current laws and regulations.

Why Choose a Paralegal over a Solicitor?

Most solicitors are not specialists in specific areas of law, a bit like a GP, whereas a Paralegal specialises in one area, a bit like a heart surgeon. When you go to a solicitor, they’ll usually refer you to one of their Paralegals, and charge you more for that service. Solicitors tend to speak in legal jargon, our Paralegals speak to you in plain English, making what can seem complex products understandable.

How it works.

All you need to do is submit your details using our online form

One of lovely customer advisory team will call you to arrange an appointment

Our local surrey based Paralegal will visit you to take your Will instruction

You then make your donation to the Charity

Within 28 days, once you’ve approved a draft of your Will, the original will arrive with instructions for signing.

Regulation and Us

Wills and Legal Services was born out of the Financial Services sector 20 years ago, so we know what it means to work in a highly regulated sector. The Will-Writing industry however, is unregulated which is a concern to some people. Some years ago, we urged the government to look into regulating the industry, so that vulnerable clients – which many of our customers are – could feel assured they were dealing with people they could trust

The government appointed the Legal Services Board to investigate whether the industry should be regulated. They found that there was not enough evidence to regulate the industry and left it unregulated giving consumers choice at less cost. However, even though there was no need for us to be regulated we still felt there were aspects of regulation that would benefit the consumer such as complaints and compliance procedures, continuous professional development training, price transparency and strict codes of conduct to follow when dealing with clients.
As a result, we implemented these important factors into our business and decided to train as Paralegals and became the very first Paralegal Law Firm specialising in this area of law yet having regulated procedures and indemnity insurance in place.

Now, paralegals have far more recognition, thanks to the efforts of firms like us and the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. Anyone who works for Wills & Legal Services now has to be a member of this organisation; they have to be DBS checked and must do continuous professional development training.
We now own our own firm of Solicitors, WLS Solicitors, regulated by The SRA and WLS Financial Services, regulated by the FCA.

Your Trusted Partner

To support causes close to our hearts, 5 years ago we decided that we would no longer charge for writing Wills, instead asking clients to make a recommended donation of £40 to charity. We were so confident that people would be happy with our Will-Writing service that we believed they would come back in the future for other legal services, at which point we could charge our usual fees. This has proved true, and over 63% of clients do come back for further advice.

We are proud to have raised over £2,000.000 in upfront donations, supporting fantastic causes up and down the country.

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